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Welcome to the Lukucentrum webSITE!

You have found a very special website that is being constantly updated by people who are involved in this field during working hours – and beyond. The idea behind this website was born in 1999, three years after the inception of the Lukupood OÜ company. Over a period of 11 years the website has been regularly improved, growing more informative and interesting. This is the fourth version, developed for more than 10 months prior to publishing it online.

Why is this website unique?

The people who run the website are not merely its creators. We are specialists in this field, and we have been working with locks since 1993, when ABLOY product sales commenced in Estonia. Most of the information here is based on our personal experience gained in the course of compiling price offers and fulfilling orders, selling and installing products, providing maintenance and repair services. We have always strived to offer clients something truly special, both in the form of products and services and on this website.

The website is usually updated on a daily basis, we add images, texts and materials that can be of interest to our retail customers, manufacturers, architects and builders. Ours is the only lock company in Estonia that has spent thousands of hours on developing an accomplished website.

What can be found on this website?

We have gathered many useful illustrations, installation and user manuals, various articles, certificates, exciting news about new products and, of course, introductory videos. We try to add at least three product descriptions every day.

How can we make the website even more special?

If you are not happy with something on our website, for example notice an error or omission, please let us know. You can be sure that your ideas and suggestions are important to us. In fact, we show our appreciation by offering gifts to those readers who send in particularly sensible ideas and comments.

Perfection requires dedication!




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