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OÜ LUKUPOOD was based in January 1996 in Tartu, and settled to 1. April 2006 in the courtyard shopping streets Pikk. The same day, has opened a new showroom the company at Narva mnt 27B Tartu, which is the largest retail store in the Baltic Sea.

Starting from 1. August 2006 Lukupood OÜ operates under a new name - "LukuCentrum". Reasons for this were several. As the company celebrated its 10 th birthday earlier this year, we had a name that would characterize our work and development. Centrum word was taken on purpose. Firstly, we are in the center of Tartu, secondly, our shop is centrum, because we have a very large selection of categories of goods (as specialized shops in large shopping center). Come and visit us and see it - your eyes do not deceive you!

We offer locks for both private and wholesale customers. In our range of products includes leading manufacturers of various castles - Abloy Oy, Abus, Assa ja Nemef all at affordable prices. Our great Advantages of a direct relationship with manufacturers, which ensures the availability and quick delivery of goods, in one way or another connected with the locks.

Perfection requires a total commitment!

Where we are located:

LukuCentrum is located on the Narva mnt 27B, at the corner of the intersection of streets Narva mnt and Roosi. Nearby with café Cherry Lounge.

LukuCentrum is located 900 meters from the center if going by car, by foot from Tartu Kaubamaja  approximately 10-12 minutes. From the store Eeden on the machine about 3-4 minutes by streets Pikk and Roosi.

Lukupood LLC
Reg. code: 10009634
KMKR nr. EE100289394
Lukufirma aastast 1996

Peterburi tee 34
Mon-Fri 9-18
Phone 641 4114
GSM 5858 2240
24H Service: 5858 2244

Narva mnt 27b
Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 10-15
Phone 740 2012
GSM 5858 7663
24H Service: 5858 2241

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